VCMTUNER II - Advanced - 2007+ for Honda Acura 3.5L I-VTEC Disable VCM / ECO mode

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Note: You will receive a tracking number upon shipment.   Customers with 2007-2008 Honda Pilot 2WD need to purchase 2005-2006 VCMTUNER II due to connector style.  See 'Connector Compatibility' section in this description to see what vehicle makes/models this product fits.  2007+ denotes 2007 and newer honda and acura vehicles (through 2024) with the exception of the 2007-2008 honda pilot.

VCMTUNER II  - The most advanced VCM controller in the world.  


- Dynamic operation - no adjustment required.  Disable VCM 100% 

- Overtemp protection (dash shows normal temp above 212F and re-enables factory VCM operation)

- Auto Diagnostic mode for TPS re-learns with no user intervention (any time the battery is disconnected or a dealership firmware update is performed, a throttle position re-learn is required by the ECU)

- Fused protection on +12v connection to battery or switched ignition 

- Option to utilize dash switch for VCM on/off operation

- Optional Engine Coolant Alarm Feature (audible alarm on overtemp)

- Allows use of non-ACM engine mounts in 2005-2010 Odyssey/Pilot/Accord

- Design puts no stress on factory wiring harness

- No wires required to go through firewall, all under the hood.

- Solid State operation - no moving parts.  

- Only 50 state legal product in the world to disable VCM.

- 1 year warranty 



California emissions compliant (CARB E.O. D-809-1), which allows this product to be legally used on emission controlled vehicles within all 50 states in the USA and Canada on model years 2005 - 2017 Honda/Acura 3.5L V6 Passenger Cars and light duty trucks equipped with Variable Cylinder Management (VCM), excluding vehicles certified with Partial Zero Emission (PZEV) standards.  Unit can be left on vehicle for state inspections, emission/smog checks and dealership visits.  CARB E.O. sticker included on unit.



FULL POWER All the time. Reduced shudder and vibration problems. Keep your I-VTEC engine in VTEC only mode for high performance and feel the improved responsiveness.  Unit is solid state with no moving parts.  Resistance adjusts on the fly to keep VCM disabled in all conditions, no matter what climate you live in.

The Details

- OEM style automotive connectors, both crimped and soldered for longevity and reliability.  Wire is rated for 105c continuous duty, exceeding OEM standards.

- Automotive Rated PCB components meeting AEC-Q1000, rated for under-hood prolonged stress where applicable, not cheap consumer grade capacitors and resistors.   Includes a silicone based conformal coating on the PCB to withstand moisture, shock and vibration as used by the automotive industry.

- Custom polycarbonate enclosure rated for under-hood temperatures up to 290F.

- Transient voltage suppression and de-coupling capacitors on inputs, including a separate ground path on the enclosure for discharging ESD under the hood to the mounting bracket.

- Rear/Side Battery tray post bracket mount with wing-nut for easy installation and removal.  Stainless steel mounting bracket with stainless steel lock nut.  

- Auto Diagnostic Feature - digital accelerometer detects vibration/motion to automatically detect when a TPS re-learn procedure is safe when temperatures exceed 194F for two consecutive minutes and the vehicle is in a stopped state for an extended duration without any user intervention.  This also allows for 100% normal fan operation when the vehicle is stopped at idle for an extended duration of time. 

- Engine Coolant Alarm Feature - can automatically trigger a check engine light upon the vehicle exceeding 212F which also provides an audible VSA alarm to inform the driver of a critical situation that may require pulling the vehicle over to prevent engine damage.

- Auto Diagnostic Feature and Engine Coolant Alarm features can be turned on/off and are optional.

- Hand-made in USA. 

- Only VCM disabling product which has gone through rigorous EPA emission testing (FTP-75, S06, S03, OBD-II) for street legal usage 

-Product has been used by automotive shops as a diagnostic tool for isolating torque converter and engine mount vibration problems across models 2007 through 2020.

Price: $139.95


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This product is protected under Granted US Patent 10,240,541.  

Instruction/Install Manual included

Installation Manual Download PDF

Youtube Installation video for VCMTUNER II


- 1 year parts and labor warranty.  

Connector Compatibility (Vehicle Fitment)

2007+ models or newer with a 3.5L Honda I-VTEC VCM Enabled engine

- 2007+ Honda Odyssey

- 2009-2022 Honda Pilot (2006-2008 use older 2005-2006 style connector) 

 Note: 2023+ Pilots with J35Y8 engine may not work with this product.

- 2008+ Honda Accord

- 2009+ Honda Crosstour

- 2017+ Honda Ridgeline

- 2013+ Acura RDX RLX TLX MDX 

- 2019+ Honda Passport

As an example, a 2017 honda odyssey would utilize the 2007+ connector style as described above. 


You use this product at your own risk.  


Wire information guide

- Green Wire is for VCM on/off operation and can only be left open or connected to ground.  When connected to a ground source the unit will re-enable vcm operation.  Leave unconnected to disable VCM/ECO.

- Blue Wire is for a future engine coolant level alarm/sensor to inform the vehicle owner the coolant level has dropped below a safe level.  This feature is not available in version 2.1 units (blue wire removed).

- Red/Black wire is for +12v and has the fuse protection for connection to the vehicle battery or a key ignition switched source.

- Ground wire is provided by the factory engine ECT connector, no separate ground hookup is required.



Version 2.1 shipping as of 5/25/2022.   

- Blue wire with spade terminal removed on version 2.1 due as it was more sensitive to transients vs. our original 1.0 version. 

- Improved standby parasitic drain loss from 9.5-10mA to 4-6mA (50% reduction) when in sleep mode

- Improved esd surge rating on 5v data lines - up to 500v for pulse 3a/3b exceeding automotive iso 7637-3 standards by over 200v margin.  Standards are +/- 300v.

Version 2.2 shipping as of 2/2/2023.

- Automotive voltage regulator change due to industry wide parts limitation.  Changes standby parasitic drain from 4-6mA to 7-8mA when in sleep mode.   

Version 2.3 shipping as of 3/6/2023.

- Automotive voltage regulator change due to industry wide parts limitation.  Changes standby parasitic drain from to 4-6mA when in sleep mode.

Version 2.4 shipping as of 5/8/2023.

- Standby Parasitic drain still 4-6mA, have improved unit to recover from +700v/-700v ESD transient spikes on 5v ect signal lines and recover within a matter of seconds due to software/hardware modification from +/-500v previously.  Transients in this range could corrupt/damage firmware on device in extreme cases, but this should no longer occur with updated software and hardware modifications from in-lab testing.   The automotive iso 7637-3 standards are +/-300v, the few customers who exceeded +/-500v (about 1 in 500 customers over the lifetime) should now function and recover without lockups in that situation.  Aftermarket starter motors or starter motors at the end of their lifetime were the main culprit in generating large ESD surges over +/-500v under the hood of the vehicle.  Some 2011-2017 models (especially Odyssey) can sometimes generate transients exceeding 500v in some cases.   We always are looking at ways to improve our product even further to be the most robust in the industry even if it affects less than 1% of customers.   This update is a culmination of 1 year of testing, customer feedback and bench/lab testing on our product with ieee accredited equipment.

Version 3.0 shipping as of 4/2/2024.

Improved ESD discharge up to iso 7637-3 +/-1000v to deal with a few customers who exceeded +/-700v by re-design.  No major IC components were changed.

Mounting Notes

One picture in the slideshow above shows mounting to a 2005-2010 Odyssey with the battery wire harness (Interstate Battery in Picture).

The other two pictures are from an install on a 2014 Accord and shows how the bracket is twisted into the gap.

Another picture is shown for the ECT sensor location on a 2017 or newer earth dreams 3.5L engine.  This engine has another sensor on the drivers side engine with the same connector as the ECT1 sensor connector.  A few customers have installed on the wrong sensor and had issues starting the vehicle.  Please validate you are hooking the unit up to the proper sensor, which can be found by following the upper radiator hose back to the manifold inlet.

You can see the slideshow by clicking on the image of the VCMTUNER II above and hit the left/right arrows.

Product Development 

- Product was conceptualized in November of 2016 and took nearly two years to complete all features, including writing embedded software code and nearly a year of QA testing with over 10k miles logged.

- Final PCB design completed by an industrial design firm with over 60 years of combined experience in 2017.

Note: Product look may vary per batch  (e.g. case color) 

Opinion: An Independent Mechanics statement on VCM and user of the VCMTUNER II since October 2018.

"Every one that I've seen has experienced the issue. Every one. I have ZERO customers who have a VCM Ody or Pilot that haven't experienced high oil consumption which was fixed by a Muzzler. The problem is most don't notice the consumption until they get a P03xx and it goes in for the warranty service. Most of them never even come here. I've got customers with both gen 3 and gen 4 Odys and they all do it...  I like the accurate indication during an overheat but even more so, the ability to indicate normal temps at prolonged idle when I'm doing idle relearns and checking temps after coolant flush, etc. I love my VCMTuner II"

-  J.Clark, owner of a 2008 Odyssey Touring  &  Honda Mechanic 



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Click on product image in left corner to see other images of unit and mounting options for some different model years.

Attention: Proposition 65 warning.   


Install Video


If you have issues watching the video (apple devices), please see it on youtube.

8 minute installation video



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