In 2013 a class-action lawsuit was filed against Honda, 1.6 million vehicles between 2008-2013 had been identified having potential for high oil consumption and misfires due to VCM Operation on 3.5L V6 Engines. Honda extended the warranty for these vehicles but did not correct the problem. This did not include the millions of vehicles between 2005-2007 that also had the same defective issues and had owners complaining of repeated failure of costly motor mounts to VCM operation, damaged transmission torque converters, fouled spark plugs and excessive oil consumption at the rate of up to 1 qt for every 1000 miles. Honda claimed this was normal.


  • Simple 5 Minute Installation

    We provide videos and instructions on installation. Can be removed within minutes when taking into the dealership to avoid warranty concerns. Watch Installation Video.

  • Works in all Climates

    Unlike single resistor solutions, our dial allows fine tuning to minimize changes to the temperature gauge while disabling VCM/ECO mode. No resistor plug to swap when the weather heats up. Just turn the selector switch a notch clockwise in summer. Turn it counter-clockwise a notch when winter comes back around. Update : VCMTUNER II requires zero adjustment and is fully automatic using a microcontroller. See product for more details through the 'BUY' link.

  • Increase Reliablity and Save Costs

    Save thousands of dollars over the lifetime of your vehicle and make it more reliable. VCM wear symptoms include torque converter failures, prematurely worn piston rings, fouled spark plugs, excessive oil burning, plugged catalytic converter. Stop wearing out Engine mounts every 50-60k miles. Our product is the only standalone VCM product with CARB E.O. Approval for 50 State Legal usage.


Does VCMTUNER work in cold/mild/hot climates?

VCMTUNER works by slightly de-tuning the temperature gauge a notch below normal. With our variable position selector switch, VCMTUNER ensures your temp gauge looks as close as possible to normal. See our before/after pictures of the temperature gauge. Other solutions with pluggable resistors on the market cannot fine tune or compensate for Coolant Temperature Sensor Variances without swapping or modifying components. Other Products on the market may only work part of the year without changing out resistors or ordering additional parts. VCMTUNER is a one-size fits all solution with the equivalent of 10 precise tuning settings. VCMTUNER II works dynamically without any compromises to your vehicle and automatically adjusts the resistance as needed between seasons - additionally if the vehicle reaches over 212F temperature, the VCMTUNER II will restore the actual operating temperature and re-enable the VCM without any intervention.

How will VCMTUNER affect my gas mileage?

VCMTUNER should not have a large difference in gas mileage. On the highway there can be a slight difference in gas mileage, somewhere around 1 MPG. For in town driving, very little MPG change will be noticed. Drivers will notice a much more responsive engine and smoother transmission shifts.

Will VCMTUNER resolve engine vibration or other problems?

In many cases, drivers will notice substantial vibration when ECO mode is enabled on the dash between 35-55mph. This normally means the engine mounts are now somewhat damaged. VCMTUNER will reduce the amount of continual damage to the motor mounts and minimize wear on the torque converter in the transmission. The front and rear engine mounts cost approximately $400 each just parts. Add $400 in labor to install. at the dealership. If you have not had shuddering and vibration when the ECO light comes on the dash of your vehicle, vcmtuner will be a great preventative measure to keep your vehicle out of the dealership with those costly bills. For some users, VCMTUNER will completely alleviate the annoying engine vibration.

Will VCMTUNER reduce my oil consumption?

If the cylinder rings are not completely worn out, disabling VCM should reduce oil consumption on your vehicle. If excessive oil consumption is a new problem for your vehicle, the sooner you apply VCMTUNER the less wear and damage to your engine. On my personal vehicle, I saw oil consumption about 1 qt for every 2500 miles. My engine started burning a noticable amount oil at about 115,000 miles. With VCMTUNER I have minimal oil level changes every 5,000 miles. Reducing Oil Consumption should greatly enhance the lifetime of your engine, With oil change intervals of 5,000 miles, you could be some 2-3 quarts low before your next oil change. Honda should be embarrassed with their decision to continue installing VCM in even new vehicles today. Honda recommends checking the oil every single time you fill up for gas. Operating with low engine oil levels will substantially reduce the useful life of your engine. The two main engine mounts cost approximately $800 in just parts before labor at the dealership. If you have not had shuddering when the ECO light comes on the dash of your vehicle, vcmtuner will be a great preventative measure to keep your vehicle out of the dealership.

Will VCMTUNER stop CEL codes P0301,P0302, P0303, P0304 and Fouled Spark Plugs?

It will definitely help with these problems. The Engine Misfire Settlement with Honda in 2014 describes part of this problem is the engine seals (rings) that keep the oil from blowing out of the cylinders have worn due to a mixture of fuel and gas causing buildup from VCM operation. The Misfire Settlment Lawsuit also states that VCM causes the cylinder rings to spin and this can damage the rings over time. With VCM Disabled, your plugs will no longer get soaked in umcombusted fuel and oil. If you already have problems with recurring fouled plugs, VCMTUNER may very well double the life of your spark plugs or completely alleviate these problems. Depending upon how much damage you have sustained and how much oil you are burning, VCMTUNER will at a minimum stop the mixture of uncombusted fuel and oil mixing together. See the Honda Lawsuit link at the top of the page for more information.

Will VCMTUNER violate my vehicle's warranty?

No. Under the Federal Magnusson-Moss Warranty Act, the dealership cannot deny warranty coverage unless they can a cite a specific modification caused a specific problem. Since VCMTUNER has completed and passed all necessary EPA emission tests as well as passing federal OBD-II tests, We have spent a substantial amount of time ,money and energy to accomplish this over the last year and a half. Use of this product has been proven to maintain compliance with all federal emission laws and does not change the operating behavior of the A/F ratio. The operating temperature of the vehicle is unchanged and all data is within OBD-II limits as normal operation for the vehicle when properly installed and setup according to the users manual,, Honda does not officially endorse any method to disable VCM at this time. Honda will not acknowledge the substantial problems with the technology, even though they lost a major lawsuit that says otherwise . It should be noted that users who have hacked and spliced wire harnesses and disabled VCM Operation have no known added problems to date in over 3 years of usage.