Supported Vehicles

Supported Vehicles (Must have 3.5L V6 I-VTEC)

VCMTUNER is the only product with a 10 position dial to fine-tune disabling of the VCM/ECO mode on Honda/Acura vehicles with a 3.5L V6. 

Supported Models: 3.5L V6 I-VTEC (2005-2019)

2005+ Honda Odyssey

2006+ Honda Pilot

2008+ Honda Accord

2010+ Honda Crosstour

2017 Honda Ridgeline 

2013+ Acura TLX

2013+ Acura MDX

2013+ Acura RDX

2013+ Acura RDL




Position 1- VCM Enabled

Position 40,50,60 (Disable VCM) is tunable between different climates.  Users who have had to replace CTS sensors will now have a very precise way of disabling VCM as well as calibrating the dash temperature gauge.  For cold climates like Alaska, a setting of 35-40 will work in most cases.  For Mild climates, a setting of 40 or 50 works in most cases. Hot climates like Phoenix and Northern California can utilize settings 50-60 during the summer months.   If you find your eco light is engaging just give the tuner one click clockwise.


Other vehicles may be supported, but might require additional harness adapters.  You can e-mail with questions or suggestions of VCM vehicles we might have a solution for.