--- Note: E-mail responses are normally 24-48 hours.  For orders placed with the wrong mailing address please e-mail us at  We try to get to all e-mails within 24 hours, mondays are our largest workload and replies may not be sent back until after 5pm Pacific Time.  It is your responsibility to submit the correct shipping address when ordering.  

How do I order a VCMTUNER II as it shows in backordered status?

Please see the Ordering FAQ page for details on backordered product.



If you are having a problem with the product, please e-mail


If you have product questions or support, please send an e-mail to  This is the fastest method to get a response



If you have not received a tracking number, please check your spam folder in the e-mail on your account.  Many times providers like gmail and cox may block e-mails from our hosting provider shopify who sends out updates on order shipment and delivery.  

Note that Holidays (December in particular) will have delays normally. USPS will not refund shipping to us for late delivery on 2-3 day Priority Mail or USPS ground/first class services.  For VCMTUNER orders, we try to ship same-day as the order.  For VCMTUNER II orders, you will usually receive a tracking number 24 hours before it's delivered to the post office.  At this time we do not ship through fedex or UPS, only USPS.  Canadian orders come through USPS and are transferred to globalpost before customs.