VCMTUNER for 2005-2006 Honda 3.5L I-VTEC Disable VCM / ECO mode

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Product ID: VCM0506 (STANDARD), VCMT1000-0506 (CARB)

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See 'Connector Compatibility' section in this description to see what vehicle makes/models this product fits.

EPA/CARB Status (VCMTUNER - SKU: VCMT1000 - carb version)

California emissions compliant (CARB EO D-809), which allows this product to be used on street vehicles within the USA and Canada. (VCMT1000) 50 State Carb Version.

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- Calibrate Replacement ECT Sensor to Proper Operating Temperature

- VCM Engine Mount/Vibration Troubleshooting tool without CEL.  

- VCM Disabling Tool 


FULL POWER All the time. Reduced shudder and vibration problems. Keep your I-VTEC engine in VTEC only mode for high performance.

DISABLE VCM/ECO mode on your 2005-2006 HONDA with 3.5L V6.  Fine Tune VCM adjustments with a 10 position dial, which allows quick adjustments and accomodates all CTS sensors.  VCM can be re-enabled by selecting position 0 on the dial.  Installs in minutes.  Feel the the improved responsiveness of your 3.5L I-VTEC  engine.  Most owners only need to adjust the resistance between seasons 2-3 times per year.

The Details

Dial allows tuning in 1-2 ohm increments.  Contains everything you need to install in your vehicle.  Includes velco wrap to secure wiring away from motor to prevent damage to factory wire harness.  Harness and adjustment plug are rated for -55 F to 257 F. Wrapped in quality OEM style automotive plastic wire protector, 3M automotive friction tape and Honda/Acura waterproof connectors, This is a quality product designed  for durability and longevity.  

Not only are the connections crimped with an OEM tool we also solder each pin connection to make the harness more durable than the factory wiring in your vehicle.  This is why we can offer the best warranty in the industry.

- Note: The adjustable portion of the product provided is rated for the stresses and vibration of under-hood temperatures up to 257F (125c).  ECT connectors are rated for 248F (120c) and the adhesive used are rated for 248F (120c).  Some competing products on the market may not be rated for continuous operation that utilize plastics and switches which are not rated for automotive under-hood use and may fail at temperatures exceeding 158F (70c).  To date the VCMTUNER has been in the market for over 30 months with a proven failure rate less than 1% to date combined over that timeframe.  The normal operating temperature range on the 3.5L V6 engine is 173-212F.

- Allows adjustment of the ECT1 sensor even while the vehicle is running without check engine lights.

- Re-enable VCM without removing the harness at position 0 on the dial

-  Use as a diagnostic tool to troubleshoot vibration problems and if they are caused by VCM operation.  

- Use as a diagnostic tool with an obd2 scanner to calibrate replacement and/or defective coolant temperature sensors.

- CARB version of the product can be left on the vehicle for smog checks 

- OEM Grade Reliability

- Includes custom protective plug cover to keep dirt/debris out of the dial area 

- Includes 2 sets of velcro wrap for wire management

- Hand-made in USA. 

- Only VCM disabling product which has gone through rigorous EPA emission testing (FTP-75, S06, S03, OBD-II) for street legal usage (CARB E.O. D-809)

- An estimated 30 million combined miles have been accumulated on products disabling VCM operation via the ECT method to date.

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This product is protected under Granted US Patent 10,240,541.  

Note: You need to use a screwdriver to turn the adjustment dial. 

Instruction/Install Manual included

Youtube Installation Video

Download Install Manual PDF


- 1 year parts and labor warranty 


- 30 days from your order date to exchange and upgrade to VCMTUNER II if you decide you need the more advanced model, just pay the difference in price and ship back the original unit.

Connector Compatibility

2005-2006 models or newer with a 3.5L Honda I-VTEC VCM Enabled engine

- 2005-2006 Honda Odyssey

- 2006-2008 Honda Pilot


 You use this product at your own risk.  

EPA / CARB information

  If you are located in a state which had adopted carb emission laws, you will need to select the CARB version of the product which has a maximum resistance value of 120 ohms.  The standard version which is available outside of California has a higher resistance range (200 ohms max) and not available in California or states which have adopted California laws.  The standard version is EPA compliant  meeting memorandum 1A.  Owners who have modified the vehicle thermostat are recommended to purchase the standard version which allows more flexibility over the carb version.  The CARB Exemption E.O. D-809 is valid only for ULEV vehicles and has not been tested against PZEV (Partial Zero Emission) rated vehicles.  Vehicles with an electric drive motor or Hybrid vehicles are considered PZEV.  All other vehicles not partially propelled by an electric motor are considered ULEV.


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Attention: Proposition 65 warning.  



8 minute installation video

If you have issues watching the video (apple devices), please see it on youtube.


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