Throttle Position Re-learn Procedure (VCMTUNER / VCMTUNER II)

Performing a throttle position re-learn


The auto diagnostic mode on the unit allows it to run the throttle position re-learn feature without having to get out of the car or disconnect the unit.

1. Warm up the car by driving it first for 5-10 minutes.  Keep the car in a ventilated area and not in a closed garage.

2. Leave the car running and the hood closed.

3. Put the car in Park

4. Put on the e-brake all the way

5. Keep the hood closed (allows the ECT temp to climb to reach 194F or higher)

6. Rev to 3000rpm or so for 2-3 minutes.

7. You can use the scan-tool to watch the temp transition to 194F or higher if you hit that mark after idling for a few minutes.

8. You'll have to let the vehicle idle for some 10+ minutes once you reach 194F or higher to complete the TPS re-learn.

I recommend you try and hit more like 200F so there is some room for it to cool down.

The unit needs to detect the car is running but at idle for a duration to engage this mode without any forward movement.

You can leave your scantool hooked up the entire time and watch the process.

Note:  If you have any issues with this procedure you can connect a wire to the green wire w/ the spade terminal on the VCMTUNER II and connect the other end to the battery ground.  This will turn the vcm back on and a factory TPS re-learn can be performed.

VCMTUNER (manually adjusted)

- Take a picture of the dial position with a camera such as your phone.

- Turn the dial on the manually adjusted VCMTUNER to zero

- Perform the standard throttle position re-learn procedure as described by honda or you can do the same with the instructions on the VCMTUNER II above.

- When completed re-adjust the dial back to the previous position