Recall on VCMTUNER II units shipped between 1/4/2022 and 1/10/2022.

Order dates between 12/28/2021 ad 1/3/2022.

We have seen a number of units not respond over the past week from customer feedback, some lockup and some are completely failed and do not respond after a power reset.  

Symptoms include:

-Temp gauge not showing warmed up after 5-10 minutes of driving (e.g not going above the cold mark on the temp gauge)
- Intermittent hard or difficult starting, or not start in some cases.

We will be sending out an e-mail to all of these customers on 1/19/2022 and 1/20/2022.  We will be providing a USPS return label over e-mail which you can print to return the unit and place in a bubble mailer of your choice.  We will be refunding these units including all shipping costs once received as we do not have an ETA on a fix for this issue.  If you have received your unit but have not opened the package you can do a return to sender w/ the post office.

For returns on international orders, please reach out to us directly. You can do a return to sender on these if they are not yet delivered.

In nearly 4 years of the VCMTUNER II on the market we have not had an issue like this to date, over 99% of VCMTUNER II units sold since 2018 are still in service.  

We apologize for this hassle and inconvenience. Phone support will be limited during this time due to health issues w/ covid as our office is closed down at this time.